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  • Cherlisa Jackson

Healthy Love

Healthy love is setup to be challenging, but never hurtful. Please do not ever let any past experiences convince you otherwise! If your man is consistently comfortable with never having his own, chances are you are not the only one he is taking from and you are training him to never spend wisely nor save to keep his own. Do not ever convince yourself that depleting your resources equates to showing loyalty. It's the oldest form of male manipulation in the book! Men are natural hunters and they always find a way so don't make excuses for capable men.

People often settle for receiving less than what they KNOW is deserved, especially when there is history together. Giving and giving to people does not automatically make them ready to love you back; they have to WANT to and be capable of doing so, otherwise, you are wasting your time. Choose someone who is always choosing you; even in the moments when you do not get along.

Healthy love is absolutely challenging but it should never have you consistently wondering why you're even together. No judgement because we have all been there. Just know, if you're involved long-term, yet repeatedly break up on and off, repeatedly battle with issues of cheating, and encounter repeated episodes of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse, it's not more time that is needed to get it right. There is clearly a lack of trust, reciprocated love, and definitely respect. Fix it or let it go.