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Craving Desire

Message to my future husband: I need to appeal to you as something to be hunted. I need you to respect (and give in to) my coquettish power so I can cement my submission to your dominance. If you can drop your ego to display vulnerability in your desire then your consistent loyalty and attention will always be rewarded.

Message to readers:

Women crave seduction and dominance. Yes, P***y is Power but D*** is Domination. Patriarchal society has showcased this emphasis on masculinity overruling society, and certain aspects of its control hold powerful magnetism. Women are naturally drawn to its power, much like men are weakened easily by the confidence exuded in a woman without a dependency on the patriarchal power structure.

Submission is one of the greatest weapons in a woman's toolbox; an action that if executed correctly allows a woman to hold onto her sense of integrity and autonomy, while creating room for sensuality that speaks the language of men. Men enjoy dominance, asserting over the weaker embodiment, while women grow fond of playful victimization, held only appealing in a fictional light of temporary entrapment.

If you have not grasped yet, these terms discussed are strictly rules for seduction. A man's genetic coding strips him of automatic emotional content and puts him at-home with roaring bouts of testosterone-driven priority. He must know he is in control of the bedroom at all times in order to fully grow and thrive inside of it. Women who trust this process will provide admission into her mysterious desires, revealing pleasures that only surface if a man allows her to feel as though her sexuality makes a difference to his life.

Translation for Ladies: Allow a man reign in a bedroom, and he will feel fulfilled. Restrict a man's carnal infatuations and he will isolate trusting you with his desires, ultimately sharing them with someone else. Drop the need to be in consistent control and submit to these desires. A man who allows you sexual freedom with him, without giving you reason to believe he is exploring his freedom elsewhere, should be trusted enough for full submission. Nag less, take off more clothing, do not be so quick to strip off your attire from the day and get into your lazy-clothing as soon as you are around your man. Everyday would be highly unrealistic, but a few days out of the week need to be reserved for creating the fantasy. IF your man puts you in a comfortable enough space to strip for him, walk around naked, and pounce on him everyday, then take complete advantage of your power here. Women tend to hold sex above a man's head and restrict him to a day or two out of the week, not remembering that sex is to men what crying is to women. Women cannot truly control having too many softhearted emotions caused by an overwhelming amount of estrogen, and men cannot truly control wanting sex numerous times in a week, caused by an overwhelming amount of testosterone. No one is saying reward a man's bad behavior by giving him sex even when you are mad at him, but the suggestion is to strongly evaluate that submission to his weakness might get you more in the long-run than shutting him out as punishment for your feelings being hurt, having a headache, or not ever being in the mood. Your job is not to shun him of emotional intimacy because he requests your body more often, it is to understand that if he is actually attracted to you, he will want your body more often; this is a good sign! Teach him your boundaries, because your body is your right, but keep in mind that the more you provide him with his language of sexual pleasure, the more you will have a clearheaded man more willing to bend on your emotional needs!

Translation for Men: If she does not feel like the sexiest woman in the room, she will feel ashamed, embarrassed, and restrictive of becoming sexually adventurous. This woman will giggle when she undresses, wear more clothing in your presence, and make wearing lingerie for you a national holiday, rather than a weekly occurrence. If you give her a reason to mistrust you, yet still have sex with her, you are making an insecure hole much bigger. Take charge of your woman's sexual desires. Recognize that speaking to her through her language is emotion and understanding. Listening to her vent without judgement; helping her out when she first asks; not arguing with her about her emotions. All examples of what will turn on a woman to do more for you in the bedroom without being asked. If you never allow a woman to FEEL she has the ability to make you erect with just one look, outfit, or sentence, she will have an issue giving you full submission. Remember this when attempting to awaken her sexually, as women are not controlled to do for you drama-free through sex. IF anything, controlling a woman through sex creates more drama! Your job is not to figure out why she has emotions; it is to soothe them by not trying to solve why she even has them, or making her feel bad for having them, in the first place! You will receive more sex this way.

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