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Spoil Him Rotten!

Difference between pushover and catering... Pushover: break your neck like a wife for a man who has AND shows no intent to wife you. Catering: recognizing the good he does for you and your household, as he is curving outsiders and respecting you AND your role in his life. (THIS kinda man, my dear, deserves the best of you!)

Stop fussing all the time, and denying him oral sex. Stop cooking less and never dressing up. Stop denying him man-time, alone with his friends and thoughts. Stop talking, overall, about what you ain't gonna do for a man who REALLY loves you, completely! If you don't ever have a problem fantasizing about try'na get downright freaky for some IG #MCM, or some celebrity, all up on these social media pages with drooling emojis in the comments....why you gettin' all shy and holding back for a man who actually cares about you!?

You ain't gettin' any younger and MUST acknowledge that your sexual competition just graduated high school...or just posted half naked pics try'na slide in your man's DM! ...there's a different kinda ruthless in a female like that! She has less to lose than you! Recognize the game! Your man is flesh and blood...even if he loves you..he ain't blind to these chicks!

If you keep his "manhood" locked away in some mason jar with cobwebs spun on it, or refuse to go out of your way for appreciation, you will lose his focus to those chicks he keeps curving for you! Get off that high horse and start remembering he needs to be won still, daily, EVEN IF HE IS ALREADY YOURS...his eye wanders differently than yours...lock him down with King treatment!

***But please note: King treatment only works for a man who carries like a king! Don't you dare cater to these jerks mami, that's how you get taken for granted! (Refer back to definition of pushover)***

You're welcome

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