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Are You High-Maintenance?

...and vice versa!! Regardless of salary, anyone with any form of delinquent debt does NOT "have it like that" and should disregard the nerve to talk down on someone else's pockets! You should be fully aware of someone's salary and if you opt to accept that man you accept his current level of finances. Do not go expecting him to give you a 2.5 million dollar engagement ring if he makes $40,000 annually. If you cannot hold yourself down, completely autonomous from family, friends, lovers, and loans, you have no business calling anyone "broke," period!

Be careful using someone else's money through relationship, divorce, child support, etc., in order to advance yourself and then use it to stand alone as if no financial help was received. Be fair with who you are dealing with and with the resource of all funds that do not get earned directly by your own means.

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