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Black Kings Still Matter

Hey King, are you listening? I respect you! Your struggle alone places you as the keeper of my heart and all of my sincerity! Your fight is different EVERYDAY. You do not get to choose that your opportunities are based upon resources that are controlled to environment, demographics, and financial status. The world does not automatically see your education, your literacy, your knowledge...your humbleness, your drive, your compassion...your fatherhood, your work ethic, your ability...they see your skin. Always and first, period. They beg you to use it as an excuse for why you cannot get ahead, not realizing that once you were given a brick wall, you built the ladder. They see your past but not OUR past. They label you by your mistakes and don't always grant second chances from situations manufactured specifically for you to fail. Literal situations and scenarios premeditated with well-thought plans to destroy you...they don't want you to win! But I do!

I love EVERYTHING about you, King! I bow graciously to you, to support you, to let you lead. Remind everyone who is watching you that your crown has been etched into your skull from the womb, stained in the bloodshed of ancestors fighting for the pride and integrity of skin they were blamed for having.

Dear Black Men: ...when you reclaim your leadership please bring us Queens with you! Don't allow us to be anything less than Queens! We need to hold our heads up high with you! And once you regain your thrones, worldwide, we can adequately rise up with unification that delivers more results than trending passion ...but real-time appreciation for each other black people.

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