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Are You In Love with A Toxic Man?

We have all loved very toxic men, consistently searching for an escape during moments of conflict and refusing accountability for numerous, and deeply wounded, broken hearts. Beware of a man who keeps numerous loose ends; it means he frequently seeks greener grass, is complex to commit, and still circulates his exes for his needs. This is not a good person to keep around! He will disintegrate your self-worth! Let him go.

Do not ignore red flags, especially if just because a person is attractive. There are too many good catches to try and force a bad catch. Best way to remain clearheaded is to avoid sleeping with anyone that has red flags and deal-breakers. Sex adds emotional ties that sometimes have no business being there and can destroy your ability to stay on your toes when thinking clearly is needed. Do whatever you can to remain objective.

The minute you stop trying to force puzzle pieces together, and start working on yourself, that King you should have waited for all along will surface. You DO have to be worth finding, though; otherwise, you will waste each other's time.

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