Black Girls Rock!

Ethnocentrism is the belief that your culture, race, and beliefs are all better than anyone else's ethnic group or culture. Black Love is NOT a hate or judgment for other races, cultures, or ethnicity. When a person is emphasizing Pro-black, what is being stressed is a strict movement to increase the love lost among those who identify as Negus, African-American, or black. It is a specific stance on loving our own race again, unifying in that strength, and decreasing the belief of inferiority. All races, cultures, and ethnicity SHOULD have pride outlined this way, but it is when pride is used as a supremacy weapon that this concept gets ridiculed, destroyed, misunderstood, and overlooked. The bottom line is to remind yourself that you are not first to this continent. Many before you have waged, and endured, a war much bigger than you; producing warriors much stronger than we can ever dream to be. If you are black, and your black is not beautiful, the whole fight has been in vain. Being pro-black is just a reminder that you are not inferior, you have descended from historical royalty, and the power is within us all to unify again in that beauty. My melanin comes with a price..but also with a prize ..of pride! My goal is to get my people conscious with love for each other not hate for everyone else.

Every single culturally-defined black woman who can push the race forward has my utmost respect! This skin we are in has the power to positively influence the nation! Now that we are beginning to love ourselves, the next step is publicly loving each other, then openly choosing to love our black men! I wholeheartedly support the movement and resurrection of black love.

There's this misguided belief that all culturally-defined black women have an issue with submission in relationships. Blame that on society, media, personal experiences, whatever, but that generalization is incorrect. Black women are raised to accept independence and trust only those who respect our fight, our purpose, and our nature. When we are paired with competing forces that do not offer empowerment, we naturally become feisty. Some women wear that feisty side differently than others, but it is not to be confused with an absolute inability to submit. Please BELIEVE there is always THAT ONE who we allow to check us (respectfully) and to assert his need to roar ferociously. Women want leaders; be worth submitting to.

Dear Black King ...

When you find a Queen, don't beat her down and cuss her out because she is a bit feisty...don't advise her that she's too much work and other races are better...go to war for her! Don't insult her because she can't cope with her ingrained melanin struggle, challenge her to understand and grow from it! It is so hurtful to hear black men degrade the entire collective of black women by advising that all of us represent instability, ignorance, and an attitude. Those of us that ARE like this, as Kings, stop allowing us to present ourselves as less; if you see less, so does everyone else. Stop writing us off as if the heritage we both represent is worth minimal defense. As black women, it is in our bloodline to understand your struggle and be adhesive as your helpmate, so the concept that the submission of other races to a black man is better or more regal is incredibly false. Only when she has learned she can depend on you she can always be taught how to curve the "perceived" attitude. But you are going to have to see her as a Queen worth defending, first.


Atlanta, GA, USA

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