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Venting After an Argument

This goes for men and women! Social media during fights is one of the most damaging things. It's a trap to convince people that your life isn't good enough without validation and that your mistakes aren't so bad if tons of people agree with your side. This trend of slut-shaming and male bashing displays immaturity.

Additionally, it is super tacky to vent to people about your relationship who have already advised they want a piece of you ...or... have already had a piece of you and wouldn't mind seconds. The minute you start venting to people who mean you no good, you'll hear, "I would never do that to you" and start thinking that grass is greener. You then can lose objectivity to give your current relationship a chance because someone else SEEMS better. That's how you get caught smart; use wisdom. Don't upload your negativity onto social media, don't text or call the opposite sex after a fight, just go calm down somewhere to gain clarity and give your relationship a fair chance.

As far as the haters and the lurkers are concerned, your relationship better be spoken about like it's absolutely sensational!

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