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Actions Speak Louder...

This works in two ways: Either you're fully neglecting obvious actions from someone that show, "I'm just not feelin' you" or you're downplaying what a good catch someone is (thinking you can catch better) that you miss how good that person is treating you, overall. Both examples are about an inflated ego. Check yourself.

Don't EVER sacrifice yourself trying to get the attention of ANYONE just because they do not recognize your level of awesome! You are NOT built for everyone's taste and convincing of such can create a look of tuck your ego aside and just know that sometimes it just means you're different and you require foreign effort..not sacrificed effort. There's a difference. Don't trip!

I learned a long time ago that words are appreciated but actions are expected. Proving those actions then become a requirement for trust in what is actually said. Think about it. A woman's greatest assets should be held in mystery. From several years of dating, I've made the mistake of putting everything I bring to the table, front and center. Female thinking is that if a man knows everything upfront, it creates a better chance at being chosen. Actual thinking is that if you put everything obvious to men there is nothing to work towards and with rewards but no effort things get taken for granted VERY QUICKLY. Don't fall for someone if what they only care to know about you is common knowledge. Date smarter. Pay attention through what they show you is important. You won't have to sacrifice your mystery to be seen as a good catch.

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