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Does He Think About You?

Women have this habit so doggone bad it's maddening! We will drive ourselves crazy worrying about our worry and that worry of the worry makes us worry that he's not even worried! then we get all offended that he's not even thinking about us like we think about him and try to figure out why we can possibly be losing our ENTIRE mind about someone who has not even a minimal moment in the day where we cross their thoughts! Which in turn...has us go even more bananas and sends us into "What are we" mayhem!

Men will NEVER truly understand what it's like to be inside of a female's mind that contains emotional overdrive! But we DO need to learn that the RIGHT guy will not have us going crazy with speculation because he'll be too busy proving himself, endlessly. He may do foolish things to push you away and have you eventually wanting to leave him but he WILL stop you from running if he REALLY wants you around!

Bottom line: If he LETS you leave, he has no real fear of losing you; in which case, he wasn't too happy together anyway...forcing the question of why we as women try to convince ANY man to "pick" us for commitment? We must recognize when a man REALLY wants us he will play to win! If he lets you go, he just MIGHT pull it together and try and win you back after he's handed you over to the market, but being his second best option is proof he had to learn how to want you, overall. How hurtful to then be pursued by someone who had to learn how to want you fully. Ouch!

We've all been here, but don't allow yourself to do this! Trust that if they want to include you in daily conversation they will do so...this action of inclusion will help you know you have crossed their mind. If you have to consistently wonder, you ain't it boo, sorry!

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