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Spreading Love, Regardless

**Just a little note**

I believe many people forget that when I'm posting relationship advice I'm doing so as a licensed therapist. My private life will never be involved on a social page so my captions are not in real-time; they are from my healing but for YOUR journey. I merely provide suggestions of potholes and cliffs discovered from MY OWN journey in hopes to empower, uplift, and inspire others. It is my divine purpose to speak hope into the broken. I have been here, and I teach from the learned lessons. Wisdom is achieved in learning through your own taught lessons as a reminder of how to get through something the next time it surfaces.

I am completely fulfilled and very happy with what I do! I LOVE, love and I'm going to help bring patience, self-worth, happiness, courtship, monogamy, and love back into this world. You have to BE what you preach about and BELIEVE in it or it just won't work! It's the Law of Attraction! Live well, friends!

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