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Rain or Shine

Groupies only cheer when you're winnin'...but wifey still rocks your jersey in a losing streak. She'll be the one challenging you to grow. She will bring you peace and completion. She will get on your nerves but she will always have good intent. She will the one that speaks directly to the growth you are creating and she will be the one that stays on your mind. She will be the one you never knew you needed until you received her, and the one you never knew you were missing out on until she inspired unconditional love. She will be your rock, your anchor, and your calm breeze instead of the storm. Sometimes, yes, she will be the storm, but she will always respect you and hold you in the highest regard, even when she is upset.

Rain or shine, she will be willing and available to make it work, help it work, and nurture it to work. She will be the best asset to a dreary day and the strongest voice you hear in the face of temptation. It will be her love that saves you. She will be connecting to you mentally, she will be routing for your emotions, and she will be guiding you spiritually. She will even listen to your physical aspirations because she is in love with you. The she you are looking for, you may realize you already had her after you realized you never knew she was already found. If the she you have been given is still a factor in your life, the love her wisely, as she continues to love you with supreme judgment, and even very foolishly. Rain or shine.

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