Not Always Replaceable

When a man fears losing a woman because he actually values that woman (or eventually learns her value after he has lost her due to lying or cheating), he WILL get it together. I DO still believe though that we can all bring love back into popularity in relationships without discarding of everybody like they are so freaking replaceable.

It blows my mind how afraid of commitment people are, both men and women. People are CONVINCED every single person on this planet who finds interest in them will love them equally. Incorrect. Maturity is in knowing all "love" is not created equal, especially if people who you want to provide it to you mismanage their own self-love. The same people you see curving everyone actually GOOD for them are the same ones complaining about never having something that is worth it.

Standards are different than arrogance. Standards mean you have expectations for the value you have placed upon yourself and the stock you hold; however, when you're KNOWINGLY turning down a good match, your arrogance is guiding you to believe in greener grass (and we ALL know how that always plays out). Ultimately, temptation reigns supreme, everywhere, and if you're not happy you DO lie and cheat...but this world no longer finds patience to WANT to grow with another person in loyalty and truth. If cheating becomes a popular option, and keeping options becomes the preferred option, reboot and reset! You are NOT ready for commitment.

Do keep in mind, by the time you are ready for commitment, some of those people discarded may not be replaceable in specific attributes. Though there are many individuals in the world to choose from and provide a duplicate opportunity for a chance to feel accelerated feelings of enchantment, unfortunately, certain feelings are attached to, and possible for creation with, specific people; THAT is what can never be duplicated.


Atlanta, GA, USA

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