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Celebrate Good Men

To all of my men, there are some REALLY bad apples out there. The more mileage you rack up chasing them, the harder it is for you to trust legit women! The man-bashing only goes so far...if you, as a woman, have a repeated pattern of viewing men this way, then the problem is most likely you and what your current self attracts.

As women, we start feeling entitled to things we feel we've earned due to cooking, cleaning, caring for, and having sex with men who have yet to actually commit for the long-term haul. We eventually stress out our love interest because we're so focused on the next level too quickly. Take it very slow and be his friend FIRST! If you're worth something, don't worry...he notices. His approach may look different when he respects you, but trust that he's watching how you respond to his grind and whether you're worth the investment. Be more patient with the good men trying to get on their feet!

Women don't assess, nor really understand, what a good man TRULY is until we have been horrifically hurt by someone, and the hurt seems beyond repair. Then the men who arrive thereafter tragically attempt to fix a heart they did not break, and ultimately become overlooked because of the fear of us to love deeply again. Ladies, though the right man will love us regardless, through the insecurity and pain, avoid making it any man's job to save you from yourself. Be in search of being a whole person again, Queen, so you make it a challenge to catch you but not complex to love you. Your King awaits. Love awaits.

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