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Queen Mindset

Blows my mind of what people consider wifey ... Media will have you steady believing something different! So what is a Queen? Be that man's peace! Be that man's emotional support system. Meditate with that man. Wish well for that man even when that man is acting up! Let that man be right sometimes, even if he's wrong and let swallowing your pride be the example of your growth and ability to save that man's integrity. Build up that man's strengths and refuse to stop building even when he does not believe in what you're building! Brush that man off when he feels defeated and reassure him that this world can do no harm to his vision or his drive because it's within! Help that man become who he never thought he knew he could even be! Strive to be whole so that man will not need to carry your insecurities when the world is creating his own. Love that man, and truly understand that man. Respect that man. If that's YOUR man, openly and privately, then uplift that man! Wear that man proudly at all times! He represents you and you represent his name, his honor, and his legacy. If that man is worthy of submission, GIVE IT TO HIM, completely! Respect yourself enough to know what you deserve and when you actually get it DO NOT take it for granted!! However, you don't just qualify as a blessing because YOU think you have to actually BE the matching whole to have the cup running over. Bring more to the table that displays you do not need him or ANY man for stability but that you welcome a man for comfort, cohesion, and reproduction. Enjoy that man without distractions and create a happy home for that man to be reminded that the war outside is not the war he will have when he comes home. And if he's repeatedly coming home to YOU and gives you NO reason to believe he is out in these streets doing anything other than bringing it all home to you and your power couple structure then stop accusing that man of doing anything other than loving you! THAT is wifey material...and if that description is too much to comprehend then stop referring to yourself as wifey. Otherwise, you are a placeholder until a real example shows up! Be a Queen

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