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My Last Year Being Broke

Ain't afraid to admit there is zero silver spoon over here...I grind for mine! ...this is THE last year I worry about them ends meetin'...I've worked WAY too hard to get lemme take time to sharpen YOUR focus...

Man listen, whatever you want...claim it then go get it! Everything you touch with positive affirmation WILL be manifested. But the Law of Attraction ONLY works if you BELIEVE in what you're sending out. Manifestation breeds from energy so if you're STUCK in the same spot and spinning your wheels then what you WANT is not for YOU ...or... HOW you're attempting it does not match your energy. I start every morning with a reset button. I forgive quickly, I balance my chakras out and then I keep it movin. Took me a LONG time to get that I'm here...lemme help YOU!

Let WHATEVER it is holding you back, goooo! Not enough money? Break your neck to find resources! Not enough time? Sacrifice sleep! Too much doubt? Fear of failure? Not good enough?? STOP TRIPPIN! ... I told myself I was going to trust in The Truth and The Light to guide my steps... I've never been so happy with my life and it's all because I let things GO! ...I move with WHATEVER keeps me at Positive Vibes Only ...only when you become happy can you not become consumed with the love of money but actually begin to earn the drive that generates wealth (and happiness) NATURALLY. I have NO problem accepting this challenge. Grateful to be chosen.

STAY motivated, my friends!

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