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Do Not Fear Submission

Men who give their all are often taken advantage of. Women have a habit of loving broken men for the challenge to repair and nurture, and discard the type of man willing to expose complete and undying devotion. Women misunderstand that sincere men are not weak men; violent and consistently hot-tempered men are weaker due to insecurities that generate this emotion. When we are so drawn to severely hurtful men, and take for granted the gentle yet strong providers and protectors, some of those strong providers and protectors become hurtful men from being hurt by hurtful women. When hurtful women were once independent thinkers and compassionate healers that were eventually drawn to hurtful men, we become worn down and bitter. The cycle is vicious but it keeps women from experiencing this level of emotion from men due to mistrust; it keeps men from displaying this level of openness for fear of ridicule.

Make sure his mind works, his soul is safe, his heart is available, his goals are active, and his maturity is present before you EVER give it up. Money, good looks, good game, and status have no business unlocking that key! Bottom line, he needs substance to increase your chances that you won't be taken for granted. Reveal wifey-type great sex, BEFORE he has a chance to LEARN and EARN you, and you'll be used up faster than you can get a text back. Men talk, and somehow they all know each other. Stop trying to out-think a man's game that is decades's just how the rules go so play smart! Slow it down, close your legs, open your mind, increase your standards, THEN, when you've given full mystery to the nectar, and that mystery puts you in the top AND ONLY spot...release. Other than that, you'll endlessly run into being community cookie trying to figure out how it went wrong.

If you ever encounter a man deeply in touch with a passion and hunger for loving you, he's not to be mistaken as weak by expression of sensitivity. His devotion represents a strong connection for the emotional cavity that resides within every woman's essence...the same essence that fuels her mentality and her vitality to love with sincerity. The woman worth having will take care of this level of expressively-vulnerable man. She will allow him to be a King of her heart by allowing that he give his own and he won't be made to regret it by how deeply she disregards his willingness to open up to her in the first place. She will respect and honor his emotional truth and truly acknowledge that a man WILLING to respect her is one worth submission.

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