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Put Your Phone Down!

Phones have made us all impersonal, especially texting. Texting encourages people to speak within convenience and has completely disintegrated the desire to be patiently awaiting connection to another person via phone call. We no longer send gifts because an emoji and a .gif animation express quickly. We no longer remember birthdays because apps remind us. We no longer want that feeling of intensity getting to know other individuals, and instead find frustration when another person requests that level of closeness! As if speaking on the phone is a newfound discovery! Though technology is moving in a more rapid direction, the essence of communication is getting lost in the shuffle, and elementary tasks like getting to know a person deeply with basic questions has been replaced with a "wyd" level of communication.

Social media has really driven the point home that privacy is no longer needed, and anything is within limits to repeatedly share with strangers. However, in dating, there is a serious problem if there is more attention given to a fan-base than the person you are dating. Why would you want the public knowing more intimate details about you than the person whom you are forming strong feelings towards? Can you imagine the level of hurt and mistrust someone you love could be experiencing watching you ignore calls while you are actively on social media? Can you imagine the insecurities those actions create, including feeling as if you do not really care or find interest in them because the entertainment of all of your most intimate details is given to an online community rather than in your dating situation?

We spend more time liking pictures of people we do not even have close friendships with than we do giving compliments to the partners we see every day. We spend too much effort in returning texts to others during quality time with partners rather than allowing our partners to remove us from the accessibility of others. It is important to restrict calls at certain times of the night. Put the phone down during meals. If you can't sleep, leave the social media alone sometimes and rely on your partner to relax your mind, body, and emotions. Stop entertaining the opposite sex for an ego boost, especially if you spend more time flirting in your inbox than you do flirting with your partner. Sometimes, you just have to unplug in order to connect. Put the phone down and enjoy EACH OTHER. This is how you find out if the US of your love is interesting enough without technology.

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