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Baby Got Back...without Surgery!

So let's address this for all of the women with REAL butts! Men, and women, you are sorely mistaken (and highly tainted) if mainstream media has you convinced that butts, thighs, and breasts of any noticeable circumference are free of stretch marks! The beauty is in skin stretching to create a new shape! (Even stretch marks on the belly have been repeatedly protested against when it is a natural occurrence of pregnancy!) Media has us all repulsed by beautiful things, especially stretch marks near the butt! The insecure expectation behind wanting all women to exhibit this airbrushed butt cheek from manufactured goods as if something can REALLY grow that size, without evidence of actual growing pains, is ridiculous! LOVE your lines! Be a tiger! If you tighten your skin, do it for YOU! The RIGHT kinda person will be SO attracted to those stretchmarks ... and barely even notice the rest! Don't sweat it!

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