Fight "The System"...Smart

FACTS! I completely agree with the two authors who the hell is always recording?? Planned media leak? Hidden camera leaked? Doesn't matter... I hope this recent footage made you mad...for yourself, your kids, your future kids, your step-kids, your foster kids, your grand-kids, your siblings, your cousins, your uncles, your aunts, your nieces, your nephews, your friends, your grandparents, your neighborhood, and anyone who has been mistreated especially WITHOUT cameras rolling!! For anyone with a drop of melanin in their blood that has had a bullet, a noose, a ship, chains, or anything ELSE used as a constriction for independence...I have no desire to not DO something for you...for the ancestral blood in my veins. Now is not the time for hot-headed rage; it is the time for strategy! Our "ethnic" interests control the economy...if we tank the demand, we get their attention. We need town hall meetings, basement rallies, sidewalk boycotts, letters to policy makers, WHATEVER can be done, we cannot just sit by...ignore it until it goes away...we complain to blend in but never DO anything!

As much black empowerment that is claimed, there is only a handful of people willing to sacrifice their jobs, homes, and freedom for the betterment of society for their grandchildren. I am only grateful that my own grandparents thought enough of me in what they sacrificed for me to even be living in a world super ungrateful with the freedom of choice to even have the audacity to decline making the world better for my own grandchildren! Could you imagine a world in which our ancestors and elders did not fight for the rights we have today? Yes the system is broken and has never favored individuals of color, but it is never a formidable reason to decide angrily that fighting for our freedom now is a waste of time.

The goal of long-lasting leadership is never to attempt control over what or who you can't change, it's to improve what or who you have skills and resources to change. Leaders do not become agitated at those who challenge their opinions; instead, they invite the differences and then challenge what is fact to form stronger truths. I don't seek to control why people think certain ways, I seek to educate on how to think more critically. I'm all for black unity but please stop acting unified for social media posts. What happened after you posted a pic of black unity? You went and watched reality shows that degraded the culture. What happened after you discussed other races saying the n-word? You turned on your favorite genre flinging the word around, twerking to oppressive lyrics. What happened when you knew that school had no supplies, or that neighborhood has a murder every day, or that under-aged child was discovered as promiscuous and lost? Nothing. Nothing happened. If you're going to stand up and complain then stand up and fight.

Our culture is more than some meme with a hashtag. Our culture is worth more than hoodies for a week, and months after of amnesia. Our entire race is worth more than spending rent money on Jordan's and cars that are not affordable to prove we have it to other cultures who already make fun of the fact that we don't prove that we don't to ourselves. There are countless stories of effort and truth. There are endless marches of victory and strength. There are years of media footage without black people fighting together. There was a time when this did exist. The sooner we actually stand up and fight we'll realize sitting down to type has meant nothing. It has proved nothing, and has changed nothing. The complaint is nothing without the combat and the correction. Our people didn't hang involuntarily to not use those books to educate our people. Our people fought for segregation for freedom of choice not confirmation to use interracial relationships as fuel to speak hate into the traits of your own race despised. If you hate what's happening so much log out and start marching.

Scared? Our past knew no fear. Our past was beaten in the face of adversity and shamed for the individuation of a future generation that kills each other. If you hate it that bad, do something. Do something longer than a week before you get bored and uninterested. Make a solid change that writes bills and educates children. Do something that unifies and empowers. Our circumstances have not always made us rich, but not once did the poverty of the yesteryear decide to kill fellow men and blame another race for pulling the trigger. Stop letting media hype you up to make our death a trending topic. We are more than a hashtag, make our life and success a trending topic. Make our change the envy rather than our ignorant antics that further capitalistic gain. There will be nothing left of our existence soon, so stop complaining and fight. We've strayed so far from accurately informing ourselves that we haven't noticed that the information isn't getting harder, we're just getting easier. We're so easy, in fact, that the more proven information seems too far-fetched, and the info that challenges us takes too long. Their noise and your silence are always being sold. Pay attention.

I love ALL of you Kings and Queens ...My prayers go out to you all! I hope you've got your gear ready, because we are definitely at war, voluntarily or not!


Atlanta, GA, USA

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