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Do You Help Her Feel Sexy?

Stop getting mad she wraps her hair up every night, slings a bra across the room, wears baggy clothes all the time and NEVER dresses up for you...women get comfortable, sure, and we slack sometimes, sure...but NEVER dresses up for you? You're doing SOMETHING wrong because we WILL deliver for THAT one who doesn't cuss us out, treats us gently, and doesn't give us the urge to FBI search him everyday. If she is NEVER dressing up for you, check YOURSELF, for real!

Women like to feel sexy, but if it were not for men on the planet, women would not need so many outlets of things that make her feel sexy (i.e. hair, clothes, make-up, shoes, surgery, sex, toys, reassurance, etc.). When a woman is in love with a man she becomes more conscious of the possibility of being rejected, more than the lust driving her to impress a man who is not hers. When a woman is involved with a man she wants her man to remind her that no one else is above her (and not just by compliments) by reassuring her when she is feeling unlovable and by helping her unravel and destroy the insecurities that keep her from revealing herself to you. If you can show her you love her regardless of how she thinks she looks or feels, she will find complete devotion in you, but in order for her to ignite the fire inside of her she has to feel she is number one. Quality time, gifts, talking, love-making, whatever it is, it has to tap into her emotional core of self-worth, but she does have to hold a high degree of self-esteem for her to believe your advances. If a woman is struggling to love you because she struggles to love herself, then help this woman seek counseling with you so she will not resent you for thinking you do not love her completely. Otherwise, she is going to close up in her shell and get worse, until eventually her esteem is so low she will never feel sexy around you.

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