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You B*tch!

I have been called a bitch more times than I can count, and sadly by my own melanin, and even worse, while in a relationship! There have been a whole list of other very demeaning words shouted, in addition to phrases about my family and friends that can never be erased. I'll never know why I accepted that level of communication for so long, but I recognize that by forgiving it I was teaching how to mistreat me, repeatedly.

Now? I do NOT accept this form of communication! A very yesteryear emotional version of myself would have reacted to all insults, however a more updated and modern version of me allows people to leave my life who treat me this way.

Do not ever accept someone calling you out of your name! You do not have to become violent defending yourself; just stop responding to it and stop excusing it.

Walk and talk like a Queen of worth and of value. Even when jerks slip through the cracks, if you build your self-worth strong enough you will not allow them to park in your life for long. Remember you ARE worth sweet-nothings and sugary language that does not require someone getting in your pants. Even if you are not acting and conducting yourself with grace you still deserve to be treated like you have value somewhere in you...maybe that guy is not the one to bring it out of you but he should not put you down because you do not know your own worth. This world is cruel and will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated so stop taking your crown off! Reign supreme!

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