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Men: Pick Your Woman Wisely

Nothing burns me up more than watching males pick these "closed-minded, money-manipulating, surgically assembled, always half-naked, smashing everybody in your circle, gotta always fight somebody," females ...THEN get mad that these same females are a public embarrassment to the relationship.

Ladies, do not change being yourself for the off-chance that someone you're feeling is not noticing may take that man a bit longer to filter out the others and identify you as special but TRUST that if you ARE special, it won't take him long to notice! Don't change though to help him notice! The RIGHT one will choose YOU, and KEEP choosing you, even in the face of temptation. The RIGHT one has learned about a pebble and a gem...if you are the chemistry for what that man needs, you'll definitely stand out..and you will not have to change yourself just to do so.

Men, take better care of your hearts. Just because money can buy you fancier women does not mean that your heart is still not worth protecting. If you build up these false relationships, built on the love of money, power, and status, how will you recognize love that does not accompany that? If women are chosen based upon their ability to create trust issues for you in the long run, how then will you believe a good woman who you are proud to be with? You could assume she will be harmful to your growth and progression as a man. You deserve a woman willing to cater to you. You deserve no suspicions of if the baby is yours. You deserve having someone check-in with you when she is away too long, and who stays in to hang out with you. You deserve someone who will not turn her nose up at your fantasies and who will help you become the best version of yourself. You deserve someone who will not throw your insecurities in your face. Yes, men you deserve that! But if you do not recognize that you do, all of the things you deserve will turn inward as insecurities and doubts and you will hurt every woman you come in contact with who is good for you. Your anxiety of never deserving a good woman who is good for you will translate to you as a woman to repeatedly hurt as you chase after a life of unfit women that do not want you nor will respect who you truly are. Pick wisely.

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