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Does He Stunt Your Growth?

My focus has never been so strong! No lust to form subjective thinking. No drama No distractions. To all my single yourself, first. Enjoy your own company. Be interesting enough to your own self before getting so wrapped up in finding love. How will love find you if you haven't found you, first? Do you even like yourself? Remember, you are always training people HOW to treat you by how YOU treat you, every day.

If you lose your focus by dating him he may not be the right one for you. The only way you should be thrown off your game is by finding love where you least expected. A man who distracts you is not someone who is going to help you grow. He will cause you to make excuses for deadlines and missed opportunities for advancement.

A man who is interested in your growth will teach you new ways of life that challenge you mentally and emotionally, and show you methods of correction that do not suggest you are less than. Men who distract your focus are typically interested in sponging your energy of success and disregard your headstrong nature by not having a goal of being the same. Any man, even with little focus, is worth learning from but not worth growing with; there will soon be no light at the end of the tunnel for a man who wants less for his life than you do your own. Your exact goals and aspirations do not need to be aligned to foster growth, but he does need to believe in them and encourage them, and will sacrifice to ensure you are not distracted from that.

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