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Let Him Chase You

DO NOT CHASE HIM! Men are simple; hunt and conquer. If it is not CLEAR that you are being hunted, he is NOT interested!! If he's truly interested he WILL make time, and FREQUENTLY! Watch those red flags!

Men, remember that when you tap into our emotions and actually let us release to you what's in our mental, we will always keep the "reward center" open. The right amount of chase helps us feel special enough to trust you; when we trust you, we give you peace! Know your lady though, because some of us are raised to take you for granted. Find one who appreciates the treatment and respects reciprocity.

Allow a man to deserve you and earn you, not just have you "just because." If you are a woman, chances are you have emotions. If you have emotions, chances are you are either hurt from them so they stay buried long enough for your to assume control of very hurtful and toxic are easily broken down by men at the thought of being lonely forever and do whatever you can to win them over and keep them happy, regardless of quality men or not. We must all become one of these types of women, slave to our emotions, before we realize we need to be a third type of woman; the one who lets men chase. This is not agreeing to be impossible to catch, nor level the playing field by hurting men (they actually do have feelings too). It means allowing a man to miss you by liking him but not smothering him because you know he likes you. It means allowing him the opportunity to ask you out, to text you back, to write you texts first, to call you. Some men do not act immediately, and truly need time to respond to our emotions because they barely understand their own. It is a hard lesson but we have to allow men the space to come closer.

Women equate space to running away, but the only real way a woman can know his interest level is to let him lead sometimes. If we are always initiating the contact with the "let me tell him everything I think and feel and expect him to pour himself out just like me" then we will push men away more than bring him in. You will know a man is interested when he makes time to take you out, to text you cute messages, to call or write when he is available, and show you life outside of the bedroom. Once he chases, let him adore you, let him win you, let him feel proud to have worked for you. He will not appreciate you as much if you serve everything on a platter and then expect him to taste it while you're shoving it down his throat. You will spoil him in the negative way that allows him to take you for granted, rather than have worked with a few callouses on his hands to have put in work to appreciate the reward.

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