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Law of Attraction

Teach others only after learning from your mistakes. Learn from others who are teaching from their successes. Think like a winner at all times! Visualize your manifestation. Repeatedly surround yourself with those that nurture success! Utilize your resources until one day YOU become the resource!

Everyday, it is important to decide if it will be a good day or a bad day. Once the day starts out with your level of thinking, it continues providing more of the same level of thinking, whether you want it to or not. This goes hand-in-hand with any spiritual belief system because it aligns to who we are and what we think we deserve. When we are broken and picking up the pieces of our lives, we tend to think that the day will bring more of that pain, so without wishing for more pain, we still create it by thinking of its presence. In a moment of pain, the thought that it will soon go away is a positive thought. It is not inviting more pain; it is giving the solution that sometime soon it will not exist. If then a choice is made to do something that steers the focus from feeling sad to feeling happy, the thoughts then go from thinking about sadness to remembering the feeling of joy. That feeling can then be paired with desires to continue feeling that joy.

If future-thinking is a bit challenging for you, I definitely recommend a vision board. Whether you are finding pictures and actually visualizing or making lists with due dates for completion, the actual action of making goals and advising to yourself you want them sets your mind in motion of a destination. Once that destination is created, your thoughts start moving your feet; they start spinning the wheels. Those thoughts load up the car and leave the baggage for a very wonderful vacation in your mind, and the end result is actual goals being brought to life.

We are our worst critic and with every passing minute we have the opportunity to believe we can or believe we cannot do something. We have the power to advise ourselves of the ceiling or make the tools to break it. Certain demographics matter only in a limited level of thinking because anything is completely possible in imagination and thought manifestation.

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