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Does He Appreciate You?

Yes men, women are very complex creatures who will get on your last nerves...we require a lot of attention and we do not like to be ignored...WE KNOW THIS...but even when you get on OUR nerves, when we truly love you, we will go to the depths of the Earth and back for our man. You roll the dice every time thinking just any ol' kinda woman can love you like the one currently trippin' over you. Looking elsewhere? Eventually, that greener grass will get on your nerves too lol and you'll be back to square one looking all over again. Be careful taking the good woman you receive for granted.

Don't play yourself with this greener grass type of thinking. If it feels good to you AND for you, then stop trying to figure out its presence. Be mindful that if you are just passing the time with something you know is good because your ego WANTS something "better" then if you finally get that something better, it could eventually detach from you and seek out something better, as well! It's a vicious cycle

You hold the power to teach people how to treat you; good or bad. You also hold the power to train yourself how to treat you; good or bad. Be good to you first so you even know what not to tolerate.

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