He is Allowed to Check You

This is twofold: #1) a taken woman who misrepresents and/or disrespects the relationship, then has y'all both out here looking foolish calling yourselves "taken," needs checking...

A taken a woman represents her relationship with the utmost respect, in a way that has men envying the man who has her heart so focused. As women, we should conduct ourselves in a way as if our man is going to read every message to men that we write, or overhear every conversation with a man that we have. We are extremely insecure about women who want our men but our men do not step up and respect our relationship by checking these women properly, or to our liking, therefore, why create the double standard that it is okay for women to behave this way?

#2) an outside woman who poses any threat, by current/past sexual encounters, disrespectful texts, calls, or social media messages, and/or flat out speaks negatively of your woman TO you, needs checking...true words or not, lifelong associates or not, you NEVER let outsiders speak ill about your Queen!

Men have a hard time comprehending that we women create fantasies in our heads about what we want from men, whether they have agreed to the intensity in our fantasies. Often times, the rejection of women does not force them to stop having fantasies or plotting on making them come true. The loudest message to a woman that we are not desired is silence. We hate it during relationships, thus hate it outside of them. It forces a woman's anxiety into overdrive, and if a man is weak for this level of emotion, he will buckle at any outside female's advances. He will assume that because he advised he does not want anything that it is okay to proceed as normal because her interpretation of anything more would be her fault. As this is completely true, the man has a responsibility of not encouraging her emotions by mixed messages that say to the woman "I know you like me, I've told you I don't but I'm going to continue talking to you anyway." Women interpret that as playing hard to get and they will pursue relentlessly; creating a false relationship inside of the fantasies until we eventually convince ourselves of love. Whenever a woman is speaking ill of your relationship, showing no respect for your woman, and you continue to befriend her, she has been solidified in her mind as being more of a priority in your life than your own woman, and will never truly respect the boundaries of your relationship because, as the man, you do not respect them or even understand them yourself.

Be respectful when you check your woman; yelling and calling her out of her name to do it is inappropriate and highly ineffective!


Atlanta, GA, USA

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