Struggle Brings Spiritual Connection

If God never does another thing for me, He has done enough! Where I was is not where I am and it is NOTHING but the Grace! When you trust Him you even become grateful for the struggle! If it's not helping me build my empire, it will be sternly avoided; person, place, or thing.

You do not have to be religious to recognize the presence of a higher power; something unexplained, yet existent. I have grown to appreciate what struggle, frustration, and terror has taught me over the years. I learned that in the presence of comfort I have barely pushed myself to maximize my greatest attributes. With a bit of pressure and confusion I have forced myself to research different things, and attempt to understand things outside of my comfort zone. Everything about who I am today came from being completely hurt, knocked down, and thrown various curve balls that I could never fully understand. That confusion of wondering why a God known for being all-loving could possibly create such discord. I have grown to understand that God is not the author of discord; He is the writer of justice and truth. Oftentimes, we are choosing to step outside of His will, placing us into situations that beckon trouble and "bad things" to happen. Lessons are not about God sitting at the hand of unruly power, rather, lessons through pain teach us why we even need the harm to appreciate the good. If we always get what we want, we will grow to expect those things. We will never learn to understand the value or avoid taking things for granted.

If you find your wheels keep spinning in the same place, chances are you keep failing the test.

There's no other humbling experience quite like having minimal finances. It forces you to grind out the dreams in your head. I never thought I'd thank God for the days I had to find out life on my own...not seeking my parents, not borrowing from others, just a straight grind. Best thing that ever happened to my life! I have complete tunnel vision because of that grind and I wouldn't change it for anything! Be grateful for the struggle...once you finally make it to the other side, you'll see the journey was all worth it!


Atlanta, GA, USA

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