Understanding Female Communication

Don't ever believe the word "nothing" means nothing is wrong. Women actually respond differently when nothing is actually wrong! Lol. We always broadcast our wants, and usually expect a mind-reader for our needs. This is highly ineffective, and we know this, but there is definitely a way around things when attempting to understand what a woman is saying and what a woman is not saying (which could be the same thing). If you can understand our needs in the silence then we will learn to trust you with disclosing directly to you rather than expecting you to "just know" what is wrong. Sound complex? It's just how we are wired. No changing that, don't try; just try to understand.

If you and a woman KEEP having the same disagreement then this is clear evidence you are not hitting the bulls-eye on the issue. We solely bring it up to help us fix it WITH you so we can get back to loving you without any issues. It's only when you do stuff just to shut us up, that you create future arguments. You will NEVER get peace with us that way. We don't want you to understand the microscopic details of our feelings, we just want you to acknowledge that they exist. Do that, and you'll always get your peace.

Nothing shuts up a woman faster than an apology! But you better mean it or we'll catch your sarcasm and now you've baited another fight about whatever we cooked up in our original PowerPoint slides, AND why you are a jerk for being insincere LOL Don't try and figure out HOW we can even conjure up such emotion about "nothing,"...you'll NEVER understand it, EVER...because we barely do! All we need is for you to understand that we are upset and that you played a role, period. BOTTOM LINE: there's no winning against our emotions. Apologize that you've upset us, leave us alone, THEN allow us to be shocked at your apology so we can check ourselves. If we get shut down by sincerity, you'll have to check us less often.

In all moments of anger, disarm us immediately! When you learn that a woman's emotions can quickly simmer down with a hint of compassion for the FACT that she is angry, you will win every, single, time! It is never important for you to dissect how or why we have the emotion about the events...trying to do that will upset us more and you will invite more arguments about the argument you're already having. The biggest goal when a woman is angry is to notice that emotions exist that cannot be explained and somehow you are the trigger. Stop trying to figure out what you did; half the time, we don't know so let us calm down first to make sense of it. Your only focus should be to just disarm her, immediately. Trust what I'm saying. True sincerity with comprehension is our complete kryptonite. Always.


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