Positive Vibes Only

I am not always successful in not allowing things to bother me, but if I do ever get frustrated I remove myself from that mental space to quickly regroup back to good vibes, only. Healthy mentality depends on positive energy. I do not welcome things that destroy the synergy of my chakras!

The most important thing to understand about energy is that the peace you have works on the balance you create. If you are a fan of creating drama to maintain your excuses, then you attract negative energy. If you convince yourself to believe certain things, you will attract it in actions. Whether good or bad, energy works based upon what you manifest in your mind. If you want more positive energy then you have to believe in receiving this level of energy. It is not enough to just force yourself to think positive thoughts because energy works upon your fears and your actual beliefs. So, in essence, if you truly believe in the negative, but you are forcing the positive, the negative wins over every time. The key to "faking it until you make it" is to actually understand what is creating the negative energy, and to create positive thoughts in place of the negative thoughts. Once these positive thoughts are created, they will sit in the cracks of your mind where negative thoughts separate and destroy. Those cracks will become filled with negative thoughts enough that they will form roots into the core of your negative thoughts. Once you continue to breathe positive vibes that you can actually understand and believe in, you will change the negative thoughts into positive thoughts, naturally.

However, positive vibes only work for changing the negative cycles in your life if you decide they are powerful enough to do so. The more you want it, the more you have to create things that keep you feeling positive in your energy vibes.


Atlanta, GA, USA

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