Claim Your Throne Black King

To all of my black men, you don't get enough credit and praise... especially for those of you whom are fine-tuned and mature. Wear your crown, King! I see you!

I hate to admit it, just like you hate to read it, but unfortunately we, as black women, are raised and socially-nurtured to be feisty in our independence. It is a survival mechanism, but not all of us mean harm. In fact, for me personally, if you treat me like a helpmate, I have no problem with complete submission. I will trust you to lead me with everything you believe in because you respect me, completely. Men get so comfortable with disrespectful language and habits towards us that it trains black women to be on-guard at all times. Regardless, we need to remain as Queens, even in the moments when we do not encounter a King.

But when we do encounter a King, respecting his grind is absolutely serious! This is one thing that doesn't happen enough for our men. When a man is grinding for his livelihood and ESPECIALLY for his woman and his household, the last thing he needs that woman to do is kick headaches his way ABOUT the grind. If you mean ANYTHING to a GOOD man, he will hustle harder to give you what he believes you deserve and you need to LET him do that. If all he hears is how much time he ain't spendin' with you, paired with accusations of his whereabouts when there has been ZERO proof of mistrust, then the problem ain't the man! If all you're worried about is a man being without struggle before he meets you, then you are NOT the right woman! Our Kings need support for their daily grind! If you mean ANYTHING as a woman in his future that grind will be mostly for you, relax and build that man up! Be his PEACE!!


Atlanta, GA, USA

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