Dear Future Husband

I used to get impatient waiting for "him" until I got closer to "Him" and began to understand... It's not enough that a man wants you; he has to earn you, he has to respect your placement in his life, he has to keep ACTIVELY choosing you to show his commitment. It's not enough to just vocalize love; he has to CONSISTENTLY demonstrate it. And after a man breaks his neck to do all of this to prove himself to you, YOU are not enough unless you're respecting him as A man, YOUR man, and the head of your life!

Dear Future Husband ...

The only thing that makes a mistake beautiful is when you learn from it. If you've grown from where you used to be, you are always exactly where I need to be. Let's continue to grow together! My ability to trust you through consistency will gradually lower my barriers. Otherwise, my sensitive intuition will be highly misunderstood as a frustrating and nearly impossible challenge. I know for a fact that I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I'm 100% direct, I can actually admit when I'm wrong and fix my errors, I love unconditionally, I'm fully monogamous, & even when you give up on me, I don't give up on you. That is rare, and I accept that I'm different. This is why I'm patiently waiting. If any connections do not lead directly to you, I will continue to abstain for us; for our future together. Your passions are my deepest interests and of the highest priority for my support. Whatever you need, we will do it #together ...whatever you ask of me in order for you to achieve the best version of you, I will move mountains to uplift that need. Until then, I'm here, patiently waiting, already praying for you, preparing my heart to recognize when you arrive, preparing my mind to accept US, and preserving my body for just you and our love.

I have grown deeply in my love for God, and have benefited tremendously from believing in that love. Therefore, it is a requirement that if you want my heart you must also be consumed in having or building that same love. Through growing spiritually, I have enjoyed my long span of abstinence and am only interested in you if you respect my decision and seek the same in our commitment. If this is out of your reach, do not waste our time.

We may not always think alike, and this may cause you to think I don't "know" you, but I will genuinely make it my primary goal to be teammates and work together! Work with me to better understand who you are so we can strengthen our chemistry to think more alike, as well, in any areas that are lacking! I value our love and our friendship!

Nothing "US" will work unless we agree to work together! You must trust me to know the REAL you so I can help you protect us! No matter what "it" is WE will always find a way! Should you incur a financial setback, rest assured that I will hold us down, while still expecting you to get back on your feet; honey, you are strong and do not need to be carried...I believe in you! I expect you to be the head of our household, spiritually, and everything that aligns with that, I will take your lead. If you trust me I will trust you, completely. If I know you respect my position in your life I will ALWAYS be your peace!

So, to my dear future husband: you earn me and I'll earn you; always and forever we are in this together!


Atlanta, GA, USA

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