Social Media and Relationships

In regards to dating someone new:

When you like someone stay OFF of their social media page(s) as much as humanly possible, and keep them OFF of yours, as well! Privacy is not the same thing as refusing to acknowledge someone. It's about posting what's NECESSARY to show you both exist and keeping the actual subject matter of your WE protected. I want to see you both happy sharing your love, but I also want you to enjoy it offline. Trust me on this one.

If you're not exclusive yet, do not expect title privileges...BUT, if you're official and he still has active options, or he refuses to claim you (especially on social media), you're just an option, as well! Remember that! If you are exclusive then your in-house business SHOULD be kept private, but your basic existence together should never be a secret! If you agree to be kept a secret in public, or you never see ANY mention of your relationship on your partner's non-business social media pages, then there is a GOOD chance your partner has a fan club still operating as options. Do not be fooled...a person who does not wear a "taken" badge proudly is a person who does not want to be taken.

In regards to exes:

With some exes, you just need to remove all methods of contact. If you're repeatedly checking up on your ex, you might not be as over it as you once thought. You'll know you've healed when you have absolutely no clue what they are up to but you're actually okay with that.


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