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Surviving a physically, financially, and emotionally violent romantic relationship, this memoir serves as a vulnerable space in Cherlisa’s life that she has healed and made available to help guide those who have been broken in a similar way. Since she departed from the five-year relationship in 2015, she has made it her mission to rebuild her self-esteem and inspire thousands to do the same! She encourages everyone to cease suffering silently and avoid hiding the toxicity of intolerable red flags. She hopes to help those in emotionally manipulating relationships to feel empowered to seek help and self-prioritize. Be among the few to receive a signed copy of this personal memoir to add to your reading collection! (Unsigned copies available on Amazon in June of 2023.)

Empowering the Broken - SIGNED COPY

SKU: 36523641234523
Expected to ship mid-June.
  • All signed copies are available in paperback form, similarly to unsigned copies on Amazon. ***Available soon on Audible and other bookstore platforms. ***

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