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Monogamy and You

I am a lifetime fan of monogamy. When I'm into you, I'm into YOU. Once we are exclusive, I don't entertain exes, I don't delete my inbox and THEN let you check my phone, I don't still slide my number to randoms to boost my ego. It's all about me and mine! The thing that is missing in relationships now is that people don't conduct themselves as if their partner is always present. In everything you say and do, pretend like your partner is watching. If you flirt, do it respectfully as if whatever you say or do your partner will find out. Send every text, e-mail, or DM as if your partner will read it. This new wave of dating impatiently with no interest to work out problems and no desire to invest in the right person who even wants to grow old together, has me cringing for my future bloodline in the next 20 years. These divorce rates are getting ridiculous! Where is the compassion? Where is the hope? Where is the determination to build and grow through not being able to stand someone but still forgiving and loving? I still believe in love and trust. I believe we can make two-parent households beautiful again. I believe partnership can be friendship. I believe spiritually strong couples can increase. I still believe in it all. I still believe in the picket fence...Somewhere That's Green

It's okay to believe in one person to love for the rest of your life. It is okay to dream about being married with children. It is okay to want happiness without having to go through so many people to get it. It is, however, important that you wait for the partner who wants the same things as you or you will set yourself for disappoint attempting to prove your worth to people. A person who is worthy of your worth will not need convincing. He or she might mess up briefly without realizing what was in his or her possession, but it will not take long for a person who values it to rectify that distance.

Monogamy has been about, and will always be about connecting to a person that you are not afraid of exposing who you are to, and not afraid to relinquish all selfishness for the sake of compromise. You are still allowed your freedom, but the me does become a we in the pursuit of devotion. It is important to know that in a traditional relationship, this is the end-goal. Often, people make agreements that are sometimes beneficial for who they are and want to accomplish, and other times it is in substitution for lonely nights. Regardless of what the desired goal in a relationship, when you are in it for monogamy, it will encourage vulnerability and require maximum effort.

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