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So, You Broke Up?

Don't get it twisted though; this definitely goes for #women, as well! "Hurt people, hurt people" - Unknown

Allow yourself the opportunity to find yourself again, because chances are that you lost a large part of you in accepting a person who was not appreciating you. Once your esteem has been chipped at or completely obliterated it needs repair. You serve no one, not even yourself, much purpose in a relationship as a broken and wounded individual. Once a break-up happens, it is a sign that someone was not happy with how things were going and something is off-balance in the relationship. It does not always mean separation permanently is needed, but it does send warning signs that something or someone needs improvement. If none of that is ever assessed and both people just get right back together without addressing the reasons for the break-up then one or both parties will have excuses justifying why they are free of blame for the next break-up or any damage incurred, thereafter.

It is always encouraged to work on yourself during a split, and at least give it 30 days before you get back together or even choose to reunite. This is sufficient time to see if either of you wanted to cheat and just needed a way out, and it is also enough time to start missing the other person with the anger out the window. There is no set timeframe on how long people should stay apart after a break-up, but allow yourself some time to reevaluate the ashes of the burned up house before you try and rebuild with the leftover pieces. If after a break-up your partner has decided they do not want or need improvement then you have your answer on who was most likely doing the chasing to make it work. No need regretting the decision if they are still in the same place with their "potential." Kinetic energy is what matters ...that being said, keep it movin'!

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