Mission Statement:

To inspire informed decisions

Vision Statement: 

Empowering wisdom through broken pieces

Sexual Health Education, Esteem, & Relationships, LLC, d/b/a S.h.e.e.r., established 2016 by founder, owner, and operator, Cherlisa Jackson.

Located in Atlanta, GA, S.h.e.e.r. offers therapy services, workshops, and sexual health education; both in-person and online. The objective of S.h.e.e.r. is to help build self-worth for individuals, strengthen relationships for couples and families, and guide informed decisions for the sexual health needs of adult individuals and couples.

Creating visibility once light shines through



I have served clients in psychiatric care for over 13 years, facilitated psychosexual Trauma Systems Therapy for over 6 years, led couples and family therapy for over 5 years, and I have been actively working with HIV prevention and sexual health education of other sexually transmitted infections and diseases for over 5 years. I am a Ph.D. Candidate for Health Education and Promotion and I am exceedingly committed to sexual health, behavioral health, and mental health.

I am a lead researcher for Herpes Simplex Virus-2 within African-American females, focused on STD/STI counseling, sex therapy workshops, sex-partner notification, sex-positive therapy, and rapid HIV testing. I specialize in couples therapy, dating tips, divorces, and break-ups. Other areas of expertise: Esteem, anger, depression and domestic violence.

I want you to be whole. I specifically use empowerment, inspiration, and restoration techniques in all of my interventions that incorporate REBT to minimize and reprogram irrational beliefs that create a "stuck" feeling. I then guide those beliefs into positive affirmations that encourage the Law of Attraction. I strive for everyone to BE their vision board.